I just watched Defiance.  It’s an incredible movie based on a true story of a small group of Jews who chose to live in the forests of Russia and fight against the Nazis during WWII.  The movie highlights one of the most beautiful things in the world–  the human spirit’s ability to retain its humanity despite the most inhumane of surroundings.

Another beautiful thing it showcases? Alexa Davalos.  She is stunning.  One thing in particular I loved- her eyebrows.  On the runways and in fashion, the natural slightly unruly eyebrow is experiencing a renaissance (think Brooke Shields in her hey day).   I’m a bit obsessed with eyebrows myself– I think they can completely change anyone’s appearance and can really bring a makeup look together.  In the pictures above, Alexa shows a very natural unruly brow (a la Defiance) and a slightly more polished- yet still natural brow.  Which do you prefer?  What are your thoughts on the return of the natural brow?


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Quarter-life female on the quest to explore all things beautiful inside and out. This blog will feature product reviews, makeup tutorials, hard-hitting beauty journalism, and explorations in the philosophy of beauty.
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