Weight Bias in the Media?

While this isn’t breaking news, it’s something that really got me thinking.  Lane Bryant (women’s plus size clothing line) has debuted a commercial advertising its intimates section.  It features a (plus size) model sauntering around the house in lingerie.  ABC, Inc. has issued a press release banning the running of this commercial during primetime shows (such as Dancing With the Stars).  At first glance, this seems overly conservative, but nothing to really write home about.  Until…

Check out the ad they ARE showing during that primetime slot.  Victoria’s Secret!!

I think that both ads are sexy, celebrate women’s figures, and market their product (ahem, underwear).  So, what’s the difference between these 2 ads?  As far as I can tell- weight.  The weight of the model.

This. Disgusts. Me.

First of all, the fact that the woman featured in the first video is considered plus size is whole new post in and of itself, but the fact that a MAJOR cable network is choosing to make such a public statement regarding weight is deeply saddening to me.  What message does this send to the women in America?  Only supermodels are allowed to wear lingerie and be sexy?  If you aren’t a size 2, we don’t want to see you?  Think about all of the negative bias towards women of a healthier size– do we really want them to feel invisible?

What are your thoughts?  Am I overreacting?  Is ABC in the wrong or is there something else going on here?


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