Taylor Swift New Face for Cover Girl

Taylor Swift has been named the new face for Cover Girl Cosmetics.  She has begun shooting ads which will debut in January.  She is said to be modeling a new line of “luxury” cosmetics for Cover Girl.

I think Taylor is an obvious choice for Cover Girl, though I’m not so sure about the “luxury” angle.  I think she would naturally cater to a younger audience that is probably less interested in luxury products, and more interested in affordable and fun products.  Honestly, I would much rather see Taylor be the spokesperson for a haircare line (I’m sure they are all begging for it).  I think her gorgeous honey spiral locks are much more her signature than her makeup.

I think the news is exciting, though I have a love/hate relationship with Taylor.  I love that she is a very talented young lady who seems to keep her sh*t together and stay out of the gossip mags.  However, I really don’t think she’s country and was a bit disappointed to see her clean up in the CMA awards earlier this year.  The girl can write songs, but I don’t think she’s the best vocally- I just love my divas.  Besides, I’m a little over her shocked “little old me?” act.  I’m looking forward to her becoming more confident and creative.

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift being the face for Cover Girl?  Would you be influenced to buy products used on Taylor?  Who’s your favorite Cover Girl?  (I have a huge girl crush on Rihanna– but I don’t think she’s really Cover Girl– she’s more MAC/Illamasqua) I think my favorite Cover Girl is old school Niki Taylor- she was just stunning, natural, and accessible- everything a Cover Girl should be.  Just look at that face!!


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