Oils as Secret Beauty Weapon: Baby Oil

Ah, baby oil.  The scent is incredibly nostalgic and if it’s safe and gentle enough to use on babies- it must be good for us too, right?

Yes and no.

Baby Oil has long been heralded as a beauty secret of women all around the world.  Baby Oil is essentially mineral oil often enhanced with fragrance and at times, aloe vera and vitamin E.  Find out where you should use baby oil and where you shouldn’t after the jump.  Mineral oil (and petroleum jelly) are byproducts of petroleum refinement– yup, petroleum as in petrol, as in gasoline.  Now, we all know that in the beauty market, we use many things that come from not so beautiful places (gelatin– horse hooves 🙂 ),  but there are some components of mineral oil that can make it not safe for skin.  Mineral Oil is quite heavy and can clog pores and congest skin.  For this reason alone, it should never really be used on your face (unless you have incredibly dry skin).

There is also a great deal of debate in the beauty community on mineral oil.  It has been deemed a carcinogen, but there is still debate about whether or not the potency present in baby oil is worth worrying about.  It’s quite possible that people are getting hysterical over nothing, but it’s important to consider the effects of everything that we put both in and on our body (The skin is the largest organ).

If you’re not concerned about the source of mineral oil, Baby Oil can be an incredibly effective moisturizer for the skin.  It also is known for giving a sexy sheen to the skin (especially legs) that can look absolutely killer on the darker complected.

Better (and safer) uses for Baby Oil:

-On your cuticles

-On your Hair to tame fly aways and combat frizz

-A shaving gel (your razor glides right through reducing likelihood of nicks and it leaves your skin silky smooth)

-Eye makeup remover

-To get gum, peanut butter, and other unmentionables out of hair 🙂

-On squeaky door hinges

-On leather goods to bring them back to life

-On a super tangled necklace

I wish my skin was a soft as this cutie's!

The Beautiful Truth: Baby oil is an okay moisturizer and a trip down memory lane, but there are so many natural oils available that have much more positive effects on your skin and heath!


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Quarter-life female on the quest to explore all things beautiful inside and out. This blog will feature product reviews, makeup tutorials, hard-hitting beauty journalism, and explorations in the philosophy of beauty.
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