Beauty Favorites: Face

I thought it would be fun to discuss some of our Beauty Favorites, and if you’ve found them- your Holy Grail or HG beauty products.  I was inspired by the the infamous annual beauty awards from InStyle, the annual CEW Awards (like the Oscars for beauty products), and hearing what you all like!

I’ll start with the basics and do my best to follow suit by including both a low-end and high end option.



Drug Store:  It's magic, yo!

L’oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base.  This is a new product from the L’oreal studio line and I was quite impressed, though I don’t know if it is magical.  Rumor has it’s an affordable dupe for Clarins!  It is a thicker souffle texture with a slight pink tone.  Silicone based to help fill in fine lines and wrinkles and ensure a soft canvas for makeup appication.

High End: Matte Attack

Illamasqua Matte Primer.  This probably isn’t the first thing you’d look to Illamasqua for (hello, COLOR), but I have been extremely impressed with this.  It is water based (which my acne prone skin loves), contains an SPF (which my anti-aging side loves), and keeps my makeup long lasting and relatively matte (which, well, I love!).  They also offer a satin primer for those not looking for a matte finish.

More after the jump…Foundation

Drug Store:

This is what I look like when I try to match drugstore foundation...

I’m a horrible person and like no drug store foundations :(.  Foundation is such a personal and CRUCIAL part of a makeup routine, that I find it imperative to be color matched and receive a sample to ensure that it works well with my skin.  If drug stores offered this luxury, I would totally branch out.

High End:

I have to say that I have not found my HG foundation.  However, my top picks so far are:  Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free (which doesn’t really count).  This is all I’ve been wearing this summer and it provides enough coverage without making me breakout into a sweat before leaving the house 🙂

MUFE HD Foundation.  This stuff photographs beautifully and MUFE has one of the best ranges of colors that I have ever seen.  If you can’t be matched at MUFE- you can’t be matched.  I recently did my girlfriend’s makeup for her wedding day and this is the foundation we used- it matched her gorgeous mocha skin perfectly and she glowed in pictures.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light.  This foundation does not go ANYWHERE.  Unlike it’s full coverage sister, Estee Lauder Double Wear, Double Wear Light is a light to medium buildable coverage and truly lasts all day long.  It dries to a matte finish and gives a really polished look to the skin.  Unfortunately, the color range isn’t fantastic, so it may be harder to match.

Next up on the testing docket:  Chanel Lumiere line (either matte, pro, or vita depending on skin type), YSL Teinte Resiste, MUFE Face and Body.


Drug Store:  You guessed it- none :(.

High End:

It's natural, baby.

It’s HDelicious 🙂

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural is a great option for when I don’t want to wear to foundation and need a little evening out, or for covering blemishes after I’ve concealed.  My other favorite is Make Up Forever’s HD Powder.  It’s incredibly finely milled, white in the jar but translucent on, makes my skin feels baby smooth and photographs beautifully.


Drug Store:

Double the pleasure, double the fun.

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer.  This double-edged beauty does a pretty darn good job of concealing under eyes and blemishes.  I found it slightly drying, but not so much that I didn’t use up the whole tube 🙂  (Rumor on the street is that the highlighting side is a pretty good dupe for YSL Touche Eclat!)

High End:

Don't worry, I'll cover you.

Don't let the boringness fool you...

Make Up Forever Lift Concealer for under the eye and MAC Select Moisturecover.  The MUFE Lift concealer has been one of the very few concealers I have ever found that don’t settle into my fine lines.  I can’t say that I notice any “lifting” persay, but the peachy undertones and light formula brighten up my undereyes when I looked pooped.  MAC’s moisturecover does a great job of covering my blemishes without bringing added attention with dryness like so many facial concealers.


Drug Store:

J Lo, eat your heart out...

Physician’s Formula offers a TON of different bronzers at reasonable prices.

High End:

Just a quick pic of me wearing it... 😉

Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfect Bronzer.  This product is unique as it offers a small device to shave off just enough of the product for usage.  It is a beautiful sunkissed shade, matte (A MUST), and quite hydrating.  Unfortunately, in this insane humidity- it hasn’t been sticking around all day, so I plan on trying Tarte’s waterproof bronzer, Dior’s water resistant bronzer, or the world famous Chanel Bronze Universale.


Drug Store:  I feel the same way about blushes as I do about foundation and powder.  The finish and how finely milled the powder is completely influence how nicely it sits on the skin.

High End:

Don't worry, the color is just as good as the name...

Much prettier than the political scandal, right?

NARS Mata Hari and Deep Throat (I think that Orgasm is overrated).  MAC Margin, Well Dressed, and Stark Naked.  I also have my eye on some of the new Chanel blushes that are coming out this fall…(– she has some great swatches)


Drug Store:  While I haven’t tried it, I think that Physician’s Formula may be able to pull something out here…

High End:

Wayyyyyyyy prettier in real life

Super Gorgeous...

MAC Mineralize Skin Finishes are quite nice and they are always some fabulous limited edition ones lurking about.   I also like the MAC cream color bases in Pearl and Hush if I’m using cream products. I like the pink side of the Benefit 10 pallete, but am not crazy about the bronzer/contouring side, so I wouldn’t say that it’s a recommended purchase.  I am currently desperate to try to the Dior Skin Shimmers– are they as great as everyone says?

Phew!  How about you guys?  As you can see with the face, I haven’t really found any HG products- though MUFE HD Powder is a strong contender, but I have trouble with commitment :).


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